Change Is Bloody Hard, But Staying Stuck In S*it Is Worse!

I had a session with my Coach at the end of July and spoke about the self-doubt & emotions that were coming up for me. She demolished those negative beliefs and gave me the task of talking to you weekly via email to focus my thoughts and share what was happening with each part of the journey. She also did not doubt that I was capable of doing this. My fear of rejection, failure and success was shouting for me to stop. Thankfully I didn't listen. 


One of the roles of a transformative coach is to have the belief in you that you don't currently have for yourself. Some families and friends can be the stumbling block for change, as they see how you've always been and reinforce that story. You will discover what else could be true when you work with me. We thicken the stories you've told yourself, like I can't change, I'm not clever, I need to work extra hard to be accepted, I'm not good enough, by discovering where these beliefs started and changing them.

Writing these emails was a significant hurdle for me, as my thin story was that I couldn't write, regardless of the pages of copy for websites, previous newsletters, and blogs I've created. Another doubt was that my opinion wasn't valid and nobody would want to hear from me! 


Thankfully, both beliefs have been shattered over the past six weeks. Each email is sent to over 2500 contacts, of which weekly, between 800-1000 open and take action on it. I've received some lovely feedback, encouragement and praise for the content. From now on, I plan to write a weekly blog for my website and then send a monthly email. This will also include a post on Facebook and Instagram so you can follow me there for a weekly hit of self-belief.


Thanks for helping me change, even if you didn't realise you'd help at all.

I am sitting writing the last of my series of emails to you from my new therapy room, looking out over a beautiful tree-lined field. I feel peaceful and grounded. My first email six weeks ago started with the news that the Katie Palmer Wellbeing Clinic would close on 31st August, and I'd be downsizing and moving to pastures new. Between then and now, there have been sleepless nights, doubts, excitement, more trips up and down five flights of stairs than I care for, boxes, bags, and a few swear words. 

Thankfully I have a helpful and understanding family who, when I sprung this on them eight weeks ago, encouraged me and didn't doubt my capability to change. It's funny, isn't it, that those around us who love or know us the most can see all that we are capable of even when it seems clouded from our view.

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