Anxiety Is A Symptom

When I work with clients who experience anxiety, I empathise with how they feel. I understand it's a scary experience, as I've encountered all anxiety symptoms. By working with them using my 14 years of experience as a #Hypnotherapist and #SelfBelief Coaching techniques, we can uncover the root cause of these symptoms and help release them and create a plan which gifts you resilient strategies for a powerful life.

Let me try to explain by using "Client Katie" as an example. Often clients pin the anxiety response on an action. For example; eating at a restaurant. "Katie" can't go out to dinner anymore because they experienced the first overwhelm of symptoms which resulted in a #panic attack at a restaurant. They tried again, and the same thing happened, so they assumed that the restaurant, food, or the experience made them #anxious. What actually happened is that before going to the restaurant, there had been an incident that triggered something subconsciously in "Katie" mind. This may have been insignificant to "Katie" at the time, but it will have released a memory that bought up the feelings they'd felt in the past, possibly #Grief, #Anger, #Fear, #Sadness, #Shame, #Guilt. If these emotions weren't spoken about at the time or worked through, they can become stuck in the body, and possibly years later, they come bubbling over at the restaurant.


Anxiety is a symptom. It is a body and mind response caused by past events and emotions that haven't been released. I see many clients who explain they "have anxiety," but I try to explain that anxiety is a symptom, much like snot or a cough is the symptom of the cold virus. Anxiety and the many reactions it causes in your body are often the result of suppressed emotion and risks that we are trying to avoid.

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